6 Crazy Uses for Roofing Shingles You Didn’t Know About

Roofing shingles often come in bundles of 300 at a time. This is to account for wasted shingles and the quirks of your individual rooftop during the shingling process. As you can imagine, after a roofing job, you will almost always have quite a few, leftover. Your first instinct might be to give them away, or keep them stored away in garage until your roof springs a leak. While the latter isn’t a bad idea, here are 6 other ways to can put your leftover shingles to use.

  1. Use them for other projects. If you have a separate garage, barn, shed, or even an outhouse, extra shingles can come in handy if you want them to match the look of your house. Nobody wants to have mismatched buildings on their property, right?
  2. Increased traction in the wintertime. When wintertime comes around, walkways tend to freeze over with ice. Setting up a row of shingles on a walkway can eliminate your need for de-icing salt and help keep your family safe, while avoiding salt damage on your concrete.
  3. Help prepare your ground for stonework. If you are thinking about building something like a garden path or a backyard terrace, asphalt shingles can help you begin the process. Shingles will prevent pesky weeds from sprouting up around your stones and stop them from shifting out of place as well.
  4. Decorate your home with them. If you or anyone in your family has an artistic side, shingles can be used in all kinds of creative ways. You can arrange them into a stylish accent wallor a piece of wall art. You can even create an entire mural out of shingles.
  5. Use them to paint on. Keeping in line with the artistic theme, shingles can also be used as an alternative canvas to paint on. This works best with oil paints. Remember to coat both sides of the shingles with matt acrylic to keep their color and prevent them from warping.
  6. First off, it’s important to keep in mind that you can only do this with cedar roofing which has not been chemically treated. Check to see if they have any splinters, and sand them if necessary. Wet them down and use them as a base for any fish or vegetables that you want to grill.

As you can see, extra shingles can really be useful even when they aren’t protecting your roof. Use this comprehensive list of alternative shingle uses and never again will you be left wondering what to do with your extra shingles.

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