5 Reasons Why Fall is the Most Crucial Time to Repair Your Roof

Roofing is one of the hardest jobs out there. Right next to brick laying and pouring concrete, it can be one of the most physically demanding and exhausting jobs that exists. The winter months are terrible for roofing jobs, as the weather is cold and frigid and fingers get cold making working with tools very difficult. Summertime is just as bad because it’s often so hot that workers slow down to a crawl, to avoid overheating.  Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why fall is the optimal time to fix your roof.


Faster Sealing Time for Shingles

In the summer heat, shingles can go through scarring while being installed which greatly reduces their lifespan and exposes the mat. when the weather is just right however, shingles will seal quickly and without and issues.

Better Management of Time

When the weather is bad, workers are often left standing around while waiting for it to improve so they can get back to work. Whether it’s a rainstorm in the summer or a snowstorm in the winter, bad weather makes the job take much longer. Summer heat can also make the shingles heat up to the point where they are hard to work with and the winter cold can require special adhesives in order to install them.

Post-Summer Evaluation

Summer can be hard on your roofing regardless of shingle installation. Windstorms, downpours and heat can contribute to the degradation of your roof and once all that stuff has passed, is the perfect time to get an evaluation on your roof and get it fixed up in time for winter.

Prevent Insulation Problems

Getting your roofing fixed before winter hits and water starts to leak in is essential. Water can leak into your roofing and get into your attic insulation which will then quickly become a huge mold problem for you.

Stopping Minor Damage in Its Tracks

If you have a few minor holes or leaks in your roofing, you need to get them fixed now before winter hits. They might not be causing you much grief  now, but they will get worse in the winter and could end up becoming huge problems.

In Conclusion

There is no better time than fall to fix your roof. You can get it right after the harsh summer months and right before the harsh freezing winter months. If you want to save money, prevent major damage, and get the job done quickly, than fall is the time you need to get your roofing fixed, without a doubt.

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