We offer many quality products that are installed by factory trained installers and technicians. All windows and meet ENERGY STAR® requirements. Bruin offers you a multitude of products and services to improve your home and lifestyle. When considering home improvements, give us a call at Bruin.

In 1981, we formed the Bruin Corporation. Founded on high ideals and a commitment to excellence, our goal was to achieve recognition in the Professional Remodeling Industry. We have achieved national recognition and numerous awards and ranking as one of the top 100 remodelers in America by Qualified Remodeler Magazine. Our philosophy is quality, craftsmanship, and commitment to service. These are necessary ingredients for customer satisfaction and continuing success.

As a Family-Owned Company in our third decade of serving homeowners, Bruin has developed a reputation as Southern New England’s Leading Professional Remodeler. Bruin specializes in siding, windows, roofing, and insulation. See for yourself why over 11,000 customers keep coming back when they need professional remodeling for their home improvement projects.


Bruin was founded on high ideals and a commitment to excellence. It is our goal to be the most professional company in our industry.

We must be a customer-oriented company that delivers superior products with true craftsmanship and a total commitment to service.

We will reach our goals through the continuous development of our people so that we demonstrate leadership, integrity an indomitable spirit and total teamwork.

Combined with continuous process improvement we will develop a competitive advantage while ensuring profitability and guaranteeing long term financial viability.