Simply because your windows aren’t cracked doesn’t mean that they’re in working order. Your windows could still be costing you money or be potentially dangerous to anyone in your home. Furthermore, a fresh coat of paint may make them look better, but won’t solve any underlying issues. If you don’t have time to call out an expert to take a look at your windows, use these simple tips to check for signs that it’s time to upgrade.

High Bills

The number one problem with old windows is high heating and cooling bills. Being thin glass with virtually no insulation, your windows are the largest cause of energy loss in your home. This is especially true with older wooden windows. New windows, however, are built with energy efficiency in mind. Many high quality windows use argon gas as insulation in between the window panes; argon gas is Energy Star rated to provide better insulation than air alone. You can even purchase triple pane argon gas windows for extra energy savings.

Cracked or Rotten Wood

If the window frame is cracked or rotten, it should be replaced immediately. Cracked window frames are a safety hazard for many reasons. They are more prone to breaking in high winds or while opening and they can make it easier for thieves to get in. Furthermore, if your wooden window frames are rotten or constantly damp, they could be harboring mold or other bacteria.

Cracked Window Panes

Cracked windows should be replaced as soon as possible. Home windows are not made of safety glass; when a window pane breaks, it turns into dozens of sharp, jagged pieces that can cause serious injury to your family or pets. Cracked windows may be holding together fine now, but they aren’t made to handle the stress and can shatter at any moment. If you have a cracked window, be careful opening and closing it until it’s replaced.

They Don’t Open Properly

Improperly opening windows are a problem for many reasons. Besides being inconvenient, it’s a safety hazard in case you need to leave your home in a hurry, such as in a fire or other emergency. Additionally, if you’re struggling to forcibly open your window, you could accidentally shatter it in the process, which happens more often than you might think. Windows can even fall out of the frame if too much force is applied.

You Don’t Like Them

Finally, the simplest reason to replace your windows is because you simply don’t like them! New vinyl windows are sleek, much easier to maintain, and more energy efficient than old wooden or steel framed windows. If you want to add value to your home and make it look better in the process, upgrading your windows is an easy fix!

Get a Professional Inspection

Technically, you have a reason to replace your windows whenever you’d like because new vinyl windows will always provide some benefit to your home. If you’re not sure if you need new windows or simply have been thinking about replacements for some time, call one of our professionals out for an inspection and free estimate. At Bruin Corp, we know everything there is to know about windows and will tell you honestly if it’s time to replace.