How are new doors installed?

Bruin starts the project by removing the interior casings and accessing the frame of the door. We disengage the old door and dispose of it. The installers will insert the new door, level it and then secure it in place. When this is done the trim is reinstalled and the door is caulked around the perimeter.

I think my sill is rotted?

No problem, our installers are instructed to never cover over any rotted wood. We’ll replace the sill if needed and your new door will come with a durable maintenance free aluminum sill.

Do I need a new door?

If you can feel a draft or if it feels like an icebox by any of your doors, it’s time to consider a new energy efficient door. Today’s door replacement includes a better insulated door slab, energy efficient sills and more complete weather stripping. A new door will provide beauty and savings and will pay for itself in a very short time.

There are so many different doors to choose from, how can I pick one?

Very easy! Take a ride around your neighborhood and look at the doors on homes. Do you prefer the simplicity of a 6 panel door or do you wish for the beauty and elegance of cut glass? Then call Bruin and our design consultants will listen to your needs and make appropriate suggestions. At the end of the consult, we’ll give you a to-the penny price.

What if I need new hardware as well?

No problem. Bruin is offers the latest in lockset designs from Schalge in a variety of finishes and styles all installed and backed by Bruin.

What if I don’t want to paint my doors?

Consider the beauty and strength of a PROVIA Door. This fine product is available in many different colors and stains with a factory applied finished. We have a PROVIA Door installed in our showroom.