bruin sidingSpring is here and that means summer is just around the corner. This summer promises to be hot and that could cost you a lot in cooling bills if you don’t take the right steps. But don’t sweat, you have some time to get ready before that first electric bill slaps you in the face. Take our advice and follow these tips to save some serious cash.



Old or aging windows are the hands down number one cause of energy waste. Windows should have argon gas between the panes to help keep warm air out and cold air in. As your windows age, get hit by balls, or crack, this gas will leak out. It’s amazing what a difference new windows can actually make. If there are cracks in your windows, special clear window caulk is a great temporary fix. A qualified inspector can quickly tell if your windows are wasting you money. Oh, it’s also a good idea to keep your blinds closed. The sun can warm up your house significantly.


Choose New Siding

Your siding is the first line of protection against the summer’s heat and the sun’s rays. If your siding is old, it may look okay, but could be costing you money. Older materials weren’t created with the new insulating technology we have today. These old materials also insulate less as they deteriorate. New materials such as vinyl and composite wood are specifically created with energy savings in mind.


Cooling System

Everyone knows to have an AC system check up every spring. But besides that, there are others steps to take as well. Make sure that your ventilation system is clean and not blocked by furniture or appliances. Also, usually your thermostat is only in one room, the temperature of this room will dictate the temperature of your entire house. Make sure there is nothing in the room keeping it abnormally hot or cold. Try placing a thermometer in a different room and see if they match.


Use Your Fans 

Believe it or not, fans can make a huge difference on the temperature of your home. Fans will help alleviate hot and cold spots in your house, keeping the climate even. They will also create a draft in your home, which will help alleviate humidity and allow you to lower your AC. Most fans have a “summer” mode that will push the air down instead of sucking it up.


Get a Programmable Thermostat

Really, get one. If you don’t have one by now, you’re really just wasting money. Programmable thermostats have become extremely cheap recently and are easy to install. They will also help you save money in the winter as well. You simply program the thermostat to lower the temperature when you are not at home or sleeping. Maybe you like it cold when you’re falling asleep, it can do that too.


See? Preparing your home for the summer is easy. There are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your AC system is blowing out cold air, and not money. But not only will these tips save you money and help you stay comfortable now, they are an investment in your home.