Insulated Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding + Insulation!
Smart New England home owners are always looking for ways to reduce their home heating and cooling costs. Insulated vinyl siding not only improves a home’s exterior appearance, it also helps to increase the R-Value (resistance to heat flow) of the average home over 20% which translates in to a more energy efficient home!

By combining the insulation properties of a rigid foam board with a vinyl clapboard, insulated vinyl siding is a great choice for New England home owners who are choosing vinyl siding for their home’s exterior.
If you are considering vinyl siding for your home’s exterior and you live in New England, you should also consider insulated vinyl siding. Insulated vinyl siding offers all the benefits of vinyl siding but goes one step further by also adding insulation to your home! Insulated vinyl siding is:
  •     Durable
  •     Attractive
  •     Easy to maintain
  •     Cost effective
  •     Adds much-needed insulation to New England homes

Make sure your vinyl siding installer is VSI Certified – Bruin is!
If you choose vinyl siding for your home, make sure you choose an experienced installer. Installed correctly, vinyl siding will prove to be a great asset to your home. If vinyl siding is not installed correctly, you can expect to incur maintenance costs you otherwise could avoid.

Through the VSI Institute, experienced professionals can receive thorough training on proper, industry-approved vinyl siding installation techniques. To become VSI Certified, experienced professionals participate in a combination of classroom training, hands-on instruction, they need to demonstrate ASTM -accepted installation techniques and pass a written test given by a VSI Certified Trainer.
Bruin is one of a few Central Massachusetts VSI Certified Installers.

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