What is a triple pane window?

A Triple Pane window utilizes 3 panes of glass and two coatings of soft coat Low-E and Argon gas to deliver the most energy efficient window we carry.

What does the term “Low-E” Glass mean?

Low-Emissivity (Low-E) is coating that increases the window’s ability to diminish heat transfer, thus saving heating and cooling costs. Bruin’s replacement windows are made with Low-E glass.

What is the Argon Gas in a replacement window?

Argon is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable, non-reactive, inert gas. Filling between glass panes in a window with argon gas improves window performance by reducing conductive and convective heat transfers.

What happens if I break the glass in my window, do I need to replace the entire window?

If you break the glass panes in your window, chances are you do not need to replace the entire window, you just need to replace the glass. Whether triple, single or double-pane, Bruin offers expert glass replacement services.

Do I need new interior trim on my replacement windows?

That’s the beauty of a custom-made replacement window. Most applications call for the window to go into the existing opening with just minimal disruption to the trim. Some touch-up may be required but your trim will stay as is. If you are installing “new construction” replacement windows, then you will need new interior trim.

If I am replacing my windows, can I get new trim or new sills because mine are rotted?

Absolutely! All our installers are finished carpenters and can provide all the material and skilled labor required to custom trim your window.

Do I need to replace my outside trim if I am replacing my windows?

Since replacement windows go from the inside, there is no disruption on the outside. Many customers request that Bruin custom wrap the exterior frame with aluminum coil in order to make the exterior trim as beautiful and easy to care for as the window is.

Can I really have a custom painted vinyl replacement window?

Absolutely! Our main supplier can custom paint the interior or exterior of any vinyl window any color you desire. You are no longer bound to white or sand! Simply provide us with the source, the color, the finish and they’ll do the rest! Perfect match, every time.

Can Bruin replace my aluminum window?

Yes, Bruin has replaced many of these window types. We perform this work for residential and our commercial customers. Give us a call to learn more.

How long does it take to replace a window?

Bruin is very efficient in allocating the right labor for the right job. The average home takes 1-2 days for a basic installation and 2-4 days if more work is required. We work on one house at a time and our installers will walk you through a final inspection.

How long do I need to wait for my new windows?

All custom made windows are manufactured to the exact sizes required. Our lead-time is normally 6-8 weeks but depends upon the time of the year. Your best bet is to call today at 1-800-4-Bruins and schedule an appointment so you can start to enjoy your windows next month.

How are my new replacement windows installed?

Your new custom manufactured replacement windows are installed from the inside. Our trained installers will gently score the casings, remove the old window, prepare the opening and install your new window. We’ll then caulk the exterior and interior and dispose of the old window.

Why choose Bruin for my new replacement windows?

Bruin Corp has been in business since 1981 and has installed thousands of windows in New England homes. We have great relationships with a variety of local and national windows manufacturers and can offer you a great selection of windows to find the perfect windows for your home. We are competitively priced. We have the experience, the right window product, and the ability to service all product and work guarantees.